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TELEHEALTH CONSULTATIONS (aka online physiotherapy appointment)


What is Telehealth?

Put simply, telehealth is an online health consultation via video.


For physiotherapy appointments, that means speaking with you via video chat to assess, diagnose, educate, self-manage, and prescribe exercises for your specific condition.


This is all done through the “Physi App” software that I use already to provide people with their exercise programs.


Just like you are in the clinic, I can perform examinations, recommend treatments, and offer follow-up care through a secure, high quality video and audio connection. Video calls are secured with end-to-end encryption, and have strict privacy and security standards. No one else will be able to view your consult – they are private and safe.



What happens at the time of my consult?

At the time of your appointment I will call you on your phone and walk you through the steps to set up which are:


  1. Login to the physi app: (you will need your individual access code to login) If you don’t have it, I will provide you with one over the phone

  2. Accept my video consult


It’s that easy!



What do I need for the consult?


All you need is a laptop/desktop computer (with a webcam/camera) with a good internet connection, and your phone nearby.


You must login to the physi app: (you will need your individual access code to login, but don’t stress if you don’t have it- I can provide you with one over the phone.


You will need to be on the site and logged in to accept my call.


Please wear clothing that can appropriately expose the area of concern. Please make sure you are in a well-lit room and ready to perform exercises in adequate space.



How do I pay for the consult? (And is it covered by private health insurance?)


For private patients (no workcover, GP care plan, DVA etc.) the cost is:

Initial Appointment- $84

Subsequent - $72

If you have seen me before face-to-face in the last 6 months, it will be a subsequent fee.


For Medicare GP care plans- the gap is $15

For DVA & ReturnToWorkSA – the fee is covered and there is no gap.


Payment can be made over the phone through a secure payment portal, or I can send you the invoice and you can pay manually by direct transfer.


On completion of the payment, I will send you a paid invoice so you can claim back your rebate asap.


Please note: not all funds are providing rebates for physiotherapy telehealth. To check to see if you are covered, please call you health fund quoting the codes 811 and 812.


Health funds that I know are providing telehealth rebates include: medibank, bupa, NIB, GMHBA, Aust Unity, HBF, St Lukes, Teachers Health, AHM, Police.



How do I book a telehealth consultation?


Please call me on 0414 169 266 to arrange your telehealth physiotherapy consultation.





See you online at your appointment!


In the meantime, stay safe & healthy.

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